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We want your selling  experience with Faith Writers Collective to be a great one. Here are some things we want you to know about how selling with us works.

We don't charge you to host your products, but we do take a 30% commission from the products sold on our site. This means that you only pay us if you sell something here and you will always keep most of what you made.

We won't limit the number of products you wish to list, but we cannot promise that all of your products will be listed at the same time. Depending on sales and popularity of some products, we may rotate products to allow for the most exposure and revenue.

We will not add links to other online stores to product descriptions, but we will  list your shop or website where you sell your own products to our directory.

You control how your product is described and displayed, but we require that all listings reflect the aesthetics of our site and will work with you to make sure that they do.

We will sell your digital products, but in order to do so, FWC must be given a digital copy with which to do so. 

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